05 February 2010


This morning, when we're all working (or pretending to work), the fire alarm rings "Krrrrriiiiiiingggggg!!" loudly. And everybody was....... sitting calmly in their own chair, still continuing with the work (and for my case, still continuing my chatting session.. LOL)

After sometime, some people start to stand up and look around, still doing it calmly. Asking to one another: "Is there any fire drill today?" And apparently there really is a fire drill today! So... we went down the emergency exit stairs slowly, chattering happily.

Honestly, I think if the fire alarm rings for the real thing, we'd all trapped inside the fire.

Well, mainly because we don't take it seriously. Hmm.. with so many fire drills happening throughout the year, and sometimes without letting us know about it in advance, even if the fire alarm rings during a real fire, we'd all think it's "just another fire drill"


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