06 December 2010

Week 20 - And.. it's a...

It's been confirmed! The baby is a ..... GIRL!!

[caption id="attachment_1848" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="It's A Girl!"]It's A Girl![/caption]

Oh I was so happy to see it :) Now I can start buying girlie stuff... cute PINK clothes and accessories... cute socks.. hohoho... Can hardly wait to start looking at them! :D

On the other side, I have forgotten how long we would need to wait for the detail scan (since this is 20th week, we're having detailed scan to see whether the baby's organs are developing normally). I even got quite worried that we won't have time to catch Barney's show in United Square at 1 pm! (since it was already close to 12pm and it still wasn't our turn). Luckily, everything goes smoothly and we still have time to catch Barney's show (but that'll be in another post), though it means that our lunch time will come after the show.. Hehee..

Anyway, the results are all good for the detail scan.. Yay... the baby seems to be developing normally :D

I'm also having relatively high energy lately, as compared to the 1st trimester, even more when compared to the 3rd trimester that's coming soon! And good news is that I have no more buttock pain. Probably that's because I've stopped carrying Vio at all. Except in very urgent cases, and that'll be at most few minutes each time.. :D


steppingdays said...

Congrats! Name listing started? Shopping list fixed? Not too many, mommy, will outgrow them soon!

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