11 December 2010

Finger Painting

Ok I've wanted to do this with Vio at home for a loooonggg time... But scared of the mess it'll get, I never really buy the finger painting set. Until I saw it's on sale in the internet, that is. With my current shopping mood, I decided to buy it for Vio. Anyway, I read that good toys for his age now are puzzles, role-play, play doh, and paint.

[caption id="attachment_1867" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="I'm Painting!"]I'm Painting![/caption]

At first, Vio was skeptical seeing his fingers getting dirty from the paint. But after sometime, he started to enjoy it! For the next few days, he kept asking mommy to bring the paint out for him to play. And how did he do it? He's singing his normal song, changing the lyrics himself to: "Use your hand.. Use your hand.. Vio vio use your hand.." while pointing to the drawer in which I kept the finger paint! Wow... he's so smart ya...

Heeee.. I hope the artistic side of him will be "awaken" :D

Ps: surprisingly, it wasn't that messy afterall!


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