09 December 2010

The Clean-Freak

On Sunday afternoon, we brought Vio to Jurong Lake Park, and then we see that there's a... rainbow! Wow.. I seldom see rainbows in Singapore... Even though only a little bit, it was worth commemorating :p

[caption id="attachment_1861" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Rainbow in Singapore!"]Rainbow in Singapore![/caption]

And as usual, we walked to the ABC water fountain... That day the timing was just nice. It was on!

[caption id="attachment_1862" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="ABC Water Fountain"]ABC Water Fountain[/caption]

And since we haven't brought Vio to play in the playground there for a long time, we decided to bring Vio to play in the sandy playground that day.

As you might have known, Vio is one definite clean-freak. When he went to the sandy playground with his Crocs shoe, he'll stop every 2 to 3 steps to ask us to clean his shoe, because some of the sands went inside his shoe! Tsk tsk.... This round, however, he was wearing his sports shoe, so the sand didn't go inside. But guess what? He walked tip-toe-ing all the way... Coz the sands are "dirty"...

In the playground, we encouraged him to climb the steps, but he hesitated, seeing that the "destination" is full of sands, and he need to put his hand on the "destination" to climb. He keep pointing to his hand that's a little bit covered with sand and say "dirty! dirty!" arrrrggghhh!! We told him that it's ok to get himself dirty in the playground but he still looked hesitated. He even closed his hand in a fist, and point the fist upwards when climbing, so that he didn't dirty his palm with the sands. He's a bit too clean-freak, eh?

[caption id="attachment_1863" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Ahhh I'm touching sands!"]Ahhh I'm touching sands![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1864" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Going Down The Slide"]Going Down The Slide[/caption]

Ok I know being clean have its own advantages (not easy to catch diseases, etc). But I do hope that Vio can stand being dirty once in a while and enjoy playing like other kids in the sandy playground. They will run here and there, climb here and there in the sand without worrying getting themselves dirty.

Maybe (just maybe) he's behaving this way coz we're sheltering him too much? When his hands or other parts of his body get a bit dirty, we'll clean it up directly for him. So maybe he's hoping that his body will always be clean all the time. Hope he knows when too make the right exception! Hehe ;)


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