02 December 2010

Green Tea Macchiato

Today at lunch time, we went to join the queue at Koi Cafe, a famous bubble tea chain from Taiwan. I was so sure I want to order Oolong Tea, right until I'm standing in front of the cashier.

I saw they have big banner of their new drink launching: Green Tea Macchiato and Black Tea Macchiato. Wow, the name surely sound nice, and so does the picture! Without much thinking, I decided to give it a try. I always wonder what does "Macchiato" means anyway..

Apparently the tea comes without bubble, and I'm not supposed to mix them up or drink it with a straw. They provided me with something to cut open the lid, and then I'm supposed to drink from the cup directly.

First taste... CREAM.. wow I'm drinking pure cream! After sometime, I can start to taste the green tea (which was nice). But mixture of green tea and cream? Hmmm.. I don't really think they go along well together.

Well then, I suppose next visit to Koi Cafe, it'll be the good old Oolong Tea/Milk Tea again ;)


Sandy Ang said...

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