15 December 2010

Gingerbread Man

One day, Daddy came back home with.... gingerbread man!

[caption id="attachment_1871" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Gingerbread Man"]Gingerbread Man[/caption]

Vio was sooo excited to see that the thing he's been seeing (and hearing) from storybook is actually "real".

[caption id="attachment_1872" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Me & The Gingerbread Man"]Me & The Gingerbread Man[/caption]

He kept pestering us to open it, and once opened...

[caption id="attachment_1873" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="How to On This Thing?"]How to On This Thing?[/caption]

... he said "Mommy.. On! On! Press!" Oh wow.. he thought that gingerbread man was actually a toy... I said no, gingerbread man is food, not toy. So we can't press it or "on" it. He seems confused at what I was saying. But well, I didn't wanna explain that we're supposed to eat the gingerbread man, because that time was just minutes before dinner time. If he had eaten the gingerbread man then, we can say bye-bye to his dinner. He won't even touch it!

So, at dinner time, gingerbread man accompany Vio to eat in the dining table. And... it became our dessert!

Vio's expression when he saw Daddy biting the gingerbread man was just... priceless.... He frowned his forehead, looking confused and looked like he pitied the gingerbread man... It's like he's saying "Daddy... Why are you eating the gingerbread man?" At last though, he started joining Daddy eating gingerbread man, though his forehead still frowning, just like saying "Poor gingerbread man... I'm eating you now.."


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