27 October 2010

Tantrums oh Tantrums

The days of tantrums have begun.................

After trip to Jakarta, seems like Vio has caught Cici Cheryll's "tantrum virus". More about Cheryll: she's quite a spoilt toddler with big tantrums. If she doesn't get what she wants, she'll cry loud... real LOUD.. And if she sees Vio wanna play a certain toy, she'll immediately want to play it, and she can't wait, she'll just grab it saying "Cheryll mauuuuuuuuuuu"  or cry.

At first, Vio will just watch the toys being taken helplessly (his usual reaction). But towards the last few days, Vio started to get smarter. If Cheryll want to take the toys that he's playing/want to play, he will:

  1. Cry, or

  2. Run looking for mommy/daddy, asking to keep the toy safe from Cheryll, or

  3. (this is the cutest) Run hugging the toys away from Cheryll, while Cheryll cry loooooouuudddly asking for the toys, and Vio watching from afar.. Haha!

Even once Vio pinched Cheryll, maybe he feels Cheryll is too naughty.. Haha... But even so, they always play together. Luckily Cheryll has 2 baby stroller toys, so they like to push it together, 2 of them going round and round pushing the stroller. They look so cute!

Oh yeah back to tantrums: now if he doesn't get what he wants, Vio will cry loudly, with same expression as Cheryll. Tsk!! He'll even sometimes kicking his foot while crying.. Haiz... Bad things are infectious yeah?

And for the first time ever, Vio throw tantrums when he's outside the house. We were at Sunter Mall, bringing Vio play "mandi bola", the fee was per half hour. So we thought we just let him play for half-hour. In the end of half hour though, we wanted to bring him out but he keep refusing. He even lie down on the floor, rolling and crying while his foot kicking... Tsk tsk.. really like those kids in the book... In the end we managed to bring him out, and after going down escalator, he started crying loudly again, saying "go up! go up!" (He wants to go back to the playing place again). So in the end, we give up.... Coz we thought that anyway, we seldom bring him play those kind in Singapore. Might as well just let him play until he's satisfied while we're there.. correct? ;)

Hopefully these tantrum days will end soon..

Oh just to show.. this is Vio's face with fake cry, this happens when I don't give him the camera for him to play. But this is before Jakarta trip. Nowadays, his cry will be: eyes closed, mouth opened wide, and loud cry came out..

[caption id="attachment_1748" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Give me give me.."]Give me give me..[/caption]


nicholas said...

woa.. mau dong liat foto vio dorong stroller bareng cici cheryll..

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