26 October 2010

Back!! (and Family Photoshooting)

We're baaaaaaacccckkkk!!!!!

Updates on the details of our days in Jakarta would need to wait.. Coz I haven't got the photos yet.. (I forgot to bring CD/thumb drive to Jakarta, and trying to copy the photos to iPhone is somehow unsuccessful.. haha)

Anyway, let me write on something, that I've already had the photos first.

We went for our first studio family photoshoot! We went to the same one that my sister went to (Star Studio). The package is not so expensive, converted to SGD it's about $66, already includes 15 soft-copy of the photos (untouched), an album containing 6 touch-up photos, and a 12R touch-up of one of the photos. No costume or make-up included in the photos, though.

Getting Vio to cooperate in taking photos were proven to be real challenge. He keep wanting to run away and kick the ball that they have in the studio. And getting him to pose non standard pose is even more difficult (for example: lying face down on the floor). But overall, it was quite ok.. (for $66!!)  Though in the end I just remember there's 1 pose I wanna request but I forget.. the pose where daddy & mommy kiss Vio at the same time! Sigh sigh.. nvm..

Well, here goes the photos!

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