14 October 2010

Remembering The Good Old Times

A few weeks back, I had a dinner gathering with ex-colleagues from Integro, to celebrate a birthday. It was real nice, meeting them all again. It's so rare that so many turn up at the same time in a gathering! I felt like we're back to where we were 4-5 years back, when most of us were working in Integro. Most of us have now already "moved on". Can you imagine out of so many people turning up, only 1 still currently working in Integro? Haha!

[caption id="attachment_1721" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="(Mostly) ex-Integroians"](Mostly) ex-Integroians[/caption]

It's kinda amazing how at the present, we're still close to each other. 3 years have passed and some of us still having regular meeting, regular chatting over the msn, etc. No doubt working times in Integro was the best of all times. I don't think I'll ever experience such enjoyable times in work anymore (unless we all work in 1 company again!)

Most of us are from the same age group, maybe that's why. I still remember times when we purposely OT (can you imagine me OT-ing??), well not for work, but for making someone's wedding gift. Or farewell gift.

Or when we purposely come to office early, all to learn and make baloons with nice shape (poodle shape, bear shape, etc), and make many of them to surprise the birthday boy/girl, so that when he/she came in, he/she will be shocked at how nicely decorated their seats are.

Or when we have very frequent prolonged tea-break in the meeting room or nearby Starbucks/Coffee Bean and play UNO! Oh I love that game! And we can't stop screaming during the game.. Haha..

The good old times.. Really missed those times now..


yenn said...

woahh.. i couldn't join that day.. so sad T.T

talking about that precious moments.. i think i only just joined during the UNO time moment.. :(

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