01 October 2010

Potty Training

[caption id="attachment_1679" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Doing My Business"]Doing My Business[/caption]

After months of being diaper-less during the day, finally the potty training show some apparent result.

Now Vio can tell us just before he's about to pee. He'll say "pipis", and then it's a race against time to bring him to his potty. He can't open his shorts by himself yet. But hey, knowing to tell us before he does his business is a good one already!

But accidents are still happening here and there. Sometimes he'll just stand/sit then pee (without telling), and after that just say "pipis" or "wet" or "basah", though it's getting rarer lately...

As for big business, he can now tell us before he wanna do it. So there has been no accidents for this one for quite long already.

Yayyyy.. way to go Vio!!! So proud of you!!


w said...

lucu banget...muka pasrah...hahahaha

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