07 October 2010


I've been having many dreams lately. And there's more than 1 dream in 1 night. I woke up between dreams, go to the toilet and sleep again. And the whole cycle repeats. So I feel like I've not have a good night sleep lately.

And the dreams were quite funny too. I just remembered 1 dream from last night, I think it was the last dream of the night.

Me and some of my friends were in some kind of holiday, taking a boat. Now I can't seem to recall which group of friends these were. And while in the boat, they all talk about this famous noodle sold in our destination island, and I was determined I wanna try it.

And so we reach the island, went to a rather big hawker center, and order the noodle... do you know what noodle it is? It's Durian Flavoured Instant Noodle.. Haha! How strange is that! And I seems to remember that it tastes awful hahaa...

Ah anyway... apart from the strange dreams.. Lately I'm permitted to start carrying Vio again, once in a while. Just missed carrying him too much! And I'm not sure whether it's related or not.. During the period that I can't carry him, I feel that he's drifting apart from me. As in we're not as close as we were. And now that I can carry him again, I can feel he's back to the sticky Vio, though not as sticky as it used to be! (And btw, my ex-colleague also say that she experience the same thing, so maybe it's true?)

So the last few mornings, Vio will want to cry if I say "Mommy need to go to work..". He'll pull down my hand (or bag) and say "Mommy.. No no...", as in, Mommy can't go.. Mommy accompany Vio play.. something like that.. Oh I was so happy ^^  (Not about Vio almost crying, obviously..)


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