19 July 2010


It's been a while since I start to think of enrolling Vio to a weekend class. But then at that time, Vio was 17 months, which was the age near the limits. Most of the classes are for babies <18 months (where I think not suitable for Vio anymore), and for babies >18 months (where Vio can't join yet, coz he's not old enough). So I decided to wait until Vio is 18 months before trying out for a class.

After much research and thinking, I was interested to try a gym class for Vio. Partly because his motoric skills (other than on throwing and kicking balls) can be improved. After all, that time he was rather scared of slides and not so interested in climbing things (unlike all other babies I know). So I was thinking that a gym class will be good for him.

Initially I was interested in Gymboree, but since the location is a bit off, finally I decided to try Tumbletots, because it's nearer to our place. So last Saturday, we went for a trial class in Tumbletots @ CCK Swimming Complex. It was a 45 minutes session, the first 15 minutes was free-play using their equipment, the next 15 minutes was singing, rhyme time, socializing time and few other short activities, and the last 15 minutes was play with their equipment again. The singing session was "Wheels on the bus" and "Row your boat" songs that I have already teached Vio at home, and Vio was already very good with the styles too.

As you might be able to guess, during the classVio was very shy. He was shy to go to the teacher to ask for stickers or other things.. He asked that mommy come along too. Vio tried some of the equipment, though he's rather scared of the swings (to be swinged and hold by a stranger), but he tried the slides twice and was quite ok with it. He tried climbing the ladders too and actually, he can climb if he wants to.

Overall, I'm not so impressed with the class. Actually I was expecting to gain something more from the class. The class was just so-so only, so in the end we didn't enroll to the package. I feel that nothing much can be gained there. Anyway the good thing is that the "trial" class in Tumbletots is like pay-per-session kind of thing, so if next time we want to go to the trial class again, we can still do that. The equipment was quite ok, Gymboree might be better (I've never tried Gymboree in SG before. Maybe next time can try their trial class, just to see whether it's good or not).

Ah well, at least we've tried. Otherwise I'll still feel curious about the classes for babies, and kind-of feel worried that Vio is missing something, since some other babies are attending some play classes while Vio is just playing at home. Now I'm more confident that Vio is not missing a thing even though he's not going to any baby's classes :)


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