09 July 2010

A Step Towards Independence

From time to time, I can feel that Vio is getting more and more independent. After about 17 months old, he's no longer very clingy to us. I think he can understand how things are supposed to be... Every weekdays, mommy and daddy have to go to work and Vio stays at home to play.. Last time, he used to cry loooouuuddly and insisted that I carry him inside the lift... He wanted to go with us too.. But now, he can already understand that we can't bring him along. He'll still go with us to the lift, then he'll wave bye bye to us when the lift came, and he head back home. Such a smartie, hor? Oh yeah, lately he also always brings his favorite pushcart along to the lift:

[caption id="attachment_1460" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="My Favorite Pushcart"]My Favorite Pushcart[/caption]

Talking about the pushcart, actually it was kinda unexpected (by me) that he'd love this pushcart so much. He has another one that (I think) is much cuter and more interesting. Nevertheless, he has his own preference.. He can push this one here and there for few times a day (and even lift it up on uneven ground), while the other one is just standing there untouched. Maybe he likes this one coz it has a certain click-click-click-click sound when he pushes it? And also coz he can bring his balls (or other things) around in the cart? Hehehe..

Oh yeah, another thing about the "independent" thing.. Last time when he sees me not around (maybe to go to the bathroom), he'll run to the bathroom door and knock knock knock "MOMMY.. MOMMY.."  Now, he's slightly more "cool".. He'll look for me but can wait patiently (no more knocking while crying).. ohhh.. my little boy is growing up so fast..


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