03 July 2010

Different from Other Toddlers?

Sometimes I feel that Vio is kind-of different with other toddlers.

Well, I used to think that all toddlers will looooooooove ride-on
And all will loveeee slides..

Well, apparently Vio is different.. He will ride on his train ride-on.. yeah.. for few minutes only... I'm not sure whether it's because his ride-on is a hand-me-down (it's been used rather obstructsively by the previous owner) so maybe it's not sliding so well, while the other one that Vio has is waaaayyy to small for his long foot.. Or he really doesn't like a ride-on.. But come on, have you ever seen a toddler that doesn't like a ride-on??

[caption id="attachment_1443" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Riding my train!"]Riding my train![/caption]

Another thing is slides... Vio also doesn't show interest to take the slides.. He's more interested to go up the stairs and go down again, and go up and go down.. hmmmm... I thought that slides are very fun to play... I wonder why he's not interested..

I'm guessing that he doesn't know yet how much fun riding and sliding can bring.. *sigh* I hope that he can enjoy these 2 activities soon..

So far, the thing that he's looking out for mostly is... BALL.. yeah.. still ball.. after so many months of daily playing with ball the whole day and night, he's still not bored of it.. He has mastered (more or less) the art of spinning, throwing, rolling, kicking the balls... And now, he's trying to master the art of dribbling the ball.. hahahaa.. Maybe different kids have different interest..


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