22 July 2010

Attention Seeker

Vio might be a shy boy, but he is one that loves attention.

Yesterday night, pi's friend came over to pass us their wedding invitation. At first, Vio was rather shy. But minutes later, when everybody was laughing, Vio also joined us laughing, though I'm sure he doesn't know why we're laughing.. LOL...

And if he feels like everybody is busy chatting without looking at him, he'll want everybody to look at him again, so he'll start calling: "uncle.. uncle.. auntie.. auntie.." to draw their attention to see what he was doing that time.. kekekekeke..

Same thing when we're playing together. If we're physically beside him, pretending to watch him play, then he realize that we're not actually watching him (but watching tv instead, for example), he'll call us until we look at him again and then he'll continue playing.. hahaa..


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