13 July 2010

Toy Shopping

We've just claimed a $40 Toys R Us voucher from our credit card rewards point, so on Sunday, we brought Vio to Toys R Us @ VivoCity to buy him some toys. Actually I want to buy him a new ride-on, hoping that he'll love riding a new ride-on. Well, the shop name is Toys R Us, which only sells toys.. so presumably they have lots of ride-ons right?

[caption id="attachment_1468" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Flower for you, mommy?"]Flower for you, mommy?[/caption]

Wrong wrong wrong... Apparently there's not much choice of a ride-on there.. I saw many types of nice ride-ons in Kiddy Palace, but in Toys R Us, mostly are from Little Tikes brand, which was really nice actually. But huggeeeeee.. No space to put something shaped like a real car, right? My home is already so squeezy as it is now. The cars were nice, though.. Oh, I find the ride-ons available in Toys R Us are not so appealing.. Those in Kiddy Palace were nicer (in my opinion).. Ah, there's 1 that we almost bought.. it's a small motorbike, but too bad can't steer left and right.. Only can go forward.. somemore there's no sample for Vio to try.. So in the end we didn't buy it.. Ah, but there are some cars that were down for children to try.. kekekeke.. We manage to get hold of them..

[caption id="attachment_1469" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Racing Car! Brrrrrrrmmm..."]Racing Car! Brrrrrrrmmm...[/caption]

In the end we just bought a small bus for Vio (considering that he loves bus so much), and decided to keep the vouchers for next time.. Maybe can use the vouchers to buy Vio's 2nd birthday present? Wahahhaa... Anyway I was quite disappointed coz can't find a nice ride-ons for Vio.. So wasn't really in the mood of looking other things at that moment..

We also brought Vio to play with water in Vivocity.. He quite like it, and get his clothes all wet..

[caption id="attachment_1470" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Water water.."]Water water..[/caption]

Afterwards we let him played the motorized car, which was for rent $5 for 5 minutes... only 5 minutes! So little time hor... Vio liked it, but he didn't know (yet) that his foot must press on the gas to make the car move... He was too busy playing with the steering wheel... Hmm... I think need to bring him more often to this kind of place? Or maybe is it not time for him yet to understand how to operate the car?

[caption id="attachment_1472" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Behind the wheels"]Behind the wheels[/caption]


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