19 July 2010

Proud Moment

There are times when we are feeling proud of our babies, and it's certainly something we'd be happy to remember and look back again in the future.

Yesterday at church, Vio was "showing-off" his speech ability. I must admit for his age, Vio is quite a good talker. He can pronounce many words rather clearly, and by many, I mean it's really many. Definitely much more than 50 words (with knowing how the item looks like).

So at the church, Vio was "reading" his books, and pointing to the pictures in the book and saying its names out loud.. "bus.. truck.. car.. banana.. taxi.. apple.. baloon.. ball.. cat.. shirt.. etc etc" and the lady sitting beside us was watching him admiringly, maybe amazed by this young baby to be able to pronounce and say out the words rather clearly. She asked me how old Vio was, and when I mentioned he's 18 months, she was even more amazed. Then she asked whether we send him to any school to learn, and when I said no, he just learned at home, she'd said that we've teached him well.. Ohhh I feel so proud to hear that. I hope we do teach him well enough :)


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