06 July 2010

Start of the Tantrums?

I hope that the tantrums are not starting soon!

For quite a while lately, Vio will be furious if we don't give him what he wanted (for example: if he wanna eat something from the fridge and we don't wanna open it for him, he'll scream and cry). It's still not too bad actually. I think the real tantrums will be much worse than that? Now it's still quite easy to "lure" him with something else, especially BALL.

Ah yes, if his balls happened to get caught under a table or a chair or stroller, he'll purposely lie down in the floor (sometimes with <fake> crying).. He wants us to take the ball for him.. tsk tsk.. babies are so smart!

[caption id="attachment_1457" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Where's my ball!!!!"]Where's my ball!!!![/caption]


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