27 May 2010

Singing Songs

Vio has always like songs.. and the fun thing is.. now he can start singing! (read: mumbling some of the parts)

Some songs that he can "sing" now (and then) is:

  • Cicak cicak di dinding (ci ta ci ta di di di..)

  • Baa baa Blacksheep (baa baa)

  • Twinkle twinkle little star (staaaaaa..)

  • The wheel on the bus ("all day long" part -> ooo aaa looo), and dancing throughout the song

  • Da Xiang (daaaa... daaaaa...)

  • Michael row the boat ashore ("Hallelujah" part -> aa..loo..luu..)

  • Row row row your boat (ro ro ro ro ro ro..)

  • Topi saya bundar (only the style)

  • If you happy and you know it (only the style)

  • Grandfather's clock (tick tock tick tock)

Here's a photo of him "singing" Row Row Row Your Boat..

[caption id="attachment_1330" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Ro ro ro ro ro ro.."]Ro ro ro ro ro ro..[/caption]

Wahahahaha just check out that cute "gurita" (octopus) mouth!! I love it!! Doesn't he just look cute.. hehehehe.. It's so difficult to take a photo of him with that mouth.. :D

[caption id="attachment_1332" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Gurita mouth - sideways"]Gurita mouth - sideways[/caption]


w said...

aduh tuh mulut gak nahan deeh...hahhahaha

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