24 May 2010


[caption id="attachment_1319" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Aoooo?"]Aoooo?[/caption]

Vio is getting better and better at imitating what he heard. He can now says much more words, even though one might need a sixth sense to understand what he's saying haha.. sample of his new words are : kick/ti, apaaa (apel), wower (flower), baa (bus), seess (shoes), do (dog), do (from do re mi fa..), kiwi, tu ti (from one two three), and not forgetting.. aoo.. (which means halo)

[caption id="attachment_1320" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Anybody call me?"]Anybody call me?[/caption]

Actually, he first said it as... "Weeeiii?" Oh no.. I hope that's not because he's watching too much chinese drama.. hahahaa.. At my home, everybody says "halo" to the phone.. :p  But oh well, nowadays he's saying "aooo?" instead of "weiii?"


w said...

aooo juga piyo..wkwkwkwk..

muka nya mirip siapa yah sekarang?

ourlittleblessing said...

masih sama kok.. mirip mommy n daddy dunkkk ^^ hehehe

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