27 May 2010


Have you seen it before??

A soft, cute, very cuddly baby-blue hippo with a smiling face.. It's a gift from someone when Vio was born.. And the hippo has accompanied Vio sleep every night for almost 17 months now.

[caption id="attachment_1327" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hippo.."]Hippo..[/caption]

The Hippo is at top left corner of the photo.. It's wearing a cute small bibs with teddy bear picture and word "Boy" sewn on it. And on it's left cheek, sown a little blue flower.

Every night Vio will repetitively bite on its different parts of the body, and also hug it while sleeping. Unsurprisingly, it looks quite pethatic now. Quite "skinny" and the color not that attractive anymore.. LOL..

So I figure that I'd better find a replacement soon, so at least the 2 can be rotated to be washed frequently. But hippo is nowhere to be seen... :( Have you seen him in a shop before?? If yes, pls drop me a message.. Hippo-hunting is on now! :)


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