12 May 2010

So cooolllldddd..

Bbbrrrr... It's sooooo cold in here... I feel that each day, it's only getting colder and colder.. Yesterday afternoon and this morning is the coldest ever (for me). I can hardly feel my hand coz it's too cold, and when trying to speak, the face muscles feel stiff. Hmm.. I think I need to thicker jacket.. LOL..

Anyway... now I'm sitting in the office again, just for standby and waiting for problems to come (which hopefully, wouldn't happen). Sometimes feel a bit bad coz some others are super busy, but I can't help at all, as we're doing totally different things.. Hehee..

Just for fun (and wasting time), here's some small little interesting things that I found about Germany so far:

  • The churches and buildings are beauuutifullll..

  • Food come in huge portion, and by huge, i mean HUGEEEE.. There's no way I can finish 1 portion by myself, I think it's more suited for 2 ladies portion.

  • The bread here is also hugeee.. And talking about bread, croissant here is very nice. It's crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.. yummyyyy.. and blackforest cake (which apparently originates from German) tastes differently! It's so soft and light, and nice!

  • Sun is not something you can see everyday (even in spring time, nearing summer)

  • People are friendlier compared to Singaporeans. When they go to the lift/go out of the lift, they'll say "Hello" and "Bye" (in German) to strangers too.

  • Tax (GST) here is 19%. Wow... 19%!!! Tsk tsk tsk.. I should try to shop in Tax-Free places (for tourists)

  • People here like to eat ice cream even when the weather is so cold (maybe it's not considered cold for them?)

  • People here likes dogs. Quite a lot of them bringing their dogs for shopping in shopping centers.

  • Pedestrian way are all covered in tiles, and not-even-one of the tiles is missing/spoiled.

  • In spring, the days are long. At 4:30am it's already bright, and at 8:30pm, it's still bright!

  • Authentic german food is only served in Brauhaus (something like a pub?). That explains why I haven't tried it yet so far. Haha!

  • Unexpectedly, things here aren't as expensive as  I thought. Some is even cheaper than Singapore. Clothes, hat, scarf, etc etc is not so expensive.

  • German people love sweet things (something like doughnuts plus sugar), and they also love very salty things (the pizza are very salty.. and so does the sausage. But the sausages are nice!)

  • All shops (and most restaurants) are closed on Sunday. And on weekdays, they closed at 8pm sharp.

  • There's no "chilli sauce" in German. When buying something with fries, the option are either "Mayo or Ketchup?" instead of "Chilli or Ketchup?"

Hmm.. I think that's about it so far. I'll post the stories of my little "adventure" in another post next time. Must wait until I can upload the photos to my laptop. Sadly this laptop is tooooo old until it can't detect my camera.. Tsk tsk tsk..


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