26 May 2010


Free things is always nice...
Ice cream is always yummy..
The two combined together?? Marvellous!!

Today is Gelare SG's Facebook Fan day. All FB fan will get a free scoop of Gelare ice cream.. wow.. something not to be missed, eh? ;)

The nearest Gelare outlet from my office is at Orchard Central.. Ok it's not that close actually, it's pretty far.. But then, lunch time at Orchard is always refreshing.. Somehow felt like we went out for window shopping (not like a working day!) and returning back to office feeling refreshed :p

So we decided to have our lunch at Food Republic in 313 Somerset. We tried Bibimbap from Korean food stall. Wow it was nice! My friend said it tasted the same as the one sold in Korea itself.. hohoho.. quite happy to find a stall selling nice (and spicy) Bibimbap..

After lunch, it was already... 1 pm! Oh no... time to go back office :(  But since we planned to go to Gelare at Orchard Central, we quickly went there. I was hoping that there's no queue.. Though so unlikely.. Come on.. free things in Singapore? People here so kiasu for free stuff.. so there must be a very very long queue..

.. but surprisingly.. for the first time ever, I saw there's no queue at all in Gelare.. Where's everybody?? Hahaha.. but that's kinda good. We can get our free scoop of ice cream. The flavour given out in this outlet is "white chocolate with raspberry truffle".. Ohhhh.. yummy... yeah yeah yeah it's as yummy as it sounds!

So.. whoever not yet claiming your Gelare free scoop, don't forget to go down to one of its outlet today! ;)


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