02 June 2010

Something so obvious..

Have you ever felt that you're so certain of something, but upon finding out that it's actually not, you think that "ya hor.. how can I think of it like that in the first place?"

When I was in Duisburg, I bought this cute chocolate, quite big-sized, and shaped like a bee, with the cover is bee picture. Even complete with the eyes and little feets.. It's soooo cute! Actually I bought it as souvenirs, but who knows, once Vio touched it, he immediately scratched it until the a bit of bee picture cover came off.. oooooohh :(  Can't give as souvenirs liao, and of course can't let Vio eat it, so I decided to eat it myself :p

All the while, I kept thinking: wow.. the chocolate is so big.. how to eat... I thought that inside is all chocolate, as in there's no air inside.. who knows, apparently inside is air! The chocolate is only at the bee shape, and nothing inside it.. LOL... Now I think: how can I, at the first place, assume that the whole bee is made of chocolate (without air inside)? :p

Oh, and yes, the chocolate is delicious!


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