05 May 2010

First Fever

Oh-oh... Finally Vio's first ever fever is here.. (that is fever exceeding 37.5 degrees).

I think it's because of the MMR injection he had the week before. Oh yeah have I told you that for the last injection, we went to Singapore Paeds Clinic? It's located quite near to our place. When we reached there, it doesn't look like a child clinic at all (maybe because it's sharing place with a dental one). No toys at all, and since we were early, no child waiting in the waiting room. All are adults. (which is in a way good, as we don't need to wait for our turn).

Going in the doctor's room, we told the doctor first to play with Vio for a while, as he's very scared of doctors touching him. So we let Vio played inside for quite long. We even have prepared doctors toys for Vio, to show that it's ok if the doctor want to check on him. (and btw, the doctor and nurse was amazed to see we come fully prepared!) The nurse was not bad, accompanying Vio playing.  Vio got a bit scared and cried when we pin him in the bed to be injected, but it's muuuuuuuuuuchh much much much better than when we brought him to the other 2 PDs. Phew... At least a doctor where Vio don' t get so scared of!

Oh yeah, the doctor informed us that Vio might get fever after 5-7 days time. So last Saturday, I was quite happy thinking that Vio don't get any fever at all from the injection. So we proceeded with our plan to bring Vio swimming in Jurong East Swimming Complex.

For $2/pax, it's really not bad! There are children's pool, adults pool, lazy river (where you can sit on the float and just enjoy being "pushed" around), wave pool, etc. As usual, Vio was very excited. He kept screaming and refused to go out of water.

We also tried out the lazy river and wave pool (without Vio, of course) and it was good!

That day we also brought Vio to Jurong Point to have dinner. But when we're there, Vio started to feel a bit warmer than normal. That night his temperature was 37.5 degrees, so we gave him the fever medicine and it subsides.

The next day, he was feverish again, and the fever subsides after we gave him medicine. But he was still as active and cheerful as normal. At night time, his fever went up to highest 39.2 degrees.. wow.. i was so worried.. we gave him the medicine again and luckily it went down. This morning his body temperature seems to be normal. I hope the fever won't go up again! So worrying to see him having high fever :(


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