18 May 2012

Recipes: Cakes

Sometimes, I'm reaaaaallly wondering if something is actually wrong with me.. I should be busy enough, but yet, I feel like I'm constantly looking for things to make me even BUSIER! :p  The newest one is: I decided to compile all the recipes that I have into 4x6 recipe cards and arrange them in an albums! So that everytime I wanna look for recipe, I don't need to search in google again, or trying to find "where's that old recipe.."  And of course, I love things that look pretty!

It's not like I often cook, or bake cakes.. But well, I think I'm just an organization-freak! Haha!

Some of these recipes would be in Indonesian language as they're hand-me-downs. But if you're really interested, please let me know and I'll try to translate it for you! :)

To start things off, here's my mom's cupcake recipes.. Have I told you that my mom bakes veeeeeeery nice cake? :D  Ok these are not the regular cupcakes (with fancy topping and all that).. These are more of the soft cupcakes (not hard type). It doesn't look as pretty as the cupcakes nowadays, but trust me, these tastes nicer.

And here's my favorite Strawberry Jellyhearts recipe that I post about sometime back. Enjoy! :)


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