10 May 2012

Project Life

I'm sorry for not updating the blog regularly for sooooo long.. Truth is, I'm kinda busy lately! Well yeah, I'm full time working mom, and I spend most of my time after work to play with my two beautiful kids, I also run an etsy shop (after all the kids are sleeping), AND I also do scrapbooking in my other free time (provided there are any). Well, that sounds pretty busy of me, huh?

As if that's not enough for me to handle, recently I also decided to do Project Life! Well, ok at the beginning it wasn't really "Project Life". I just decided to do the photos digitally and print them into photobooks, instead of printing it manually in the good ol' way, and slipping them to premade photo album. And why did I make this decision at the first place?
  1. Digital pages can have more than 1 photo at one page, and I admit I have TONS of photo to do! So having some photos done at 1 go would be nice
  2. I start to have problems keeping the bulky photo album, they're really taking much space! Photobooks would be much thinner
  3. I must admit, I'm REALLY lazy to do up the dates. Normally I would select and print the photos, sort them to be in sequence, slip them to photo album, and write the dates for the photo. Now that's tedious and I don't really enjoy the last part.
  4. The photos look kinda boring. Ok I admit I love fancy stuff and I just love decorating the photos. So just printing it plainly and slip it just like that in the photo album looks kinda boring to me
  5. I found this groupon about photobook from Photobook Singapore, and that's when the idea of doing the photos digitally came to me.
And yes, I have done the photos from January 2012 until present. (though I'm still about 2 weeks behind!). At the first place I'm doing them more like digital scrapbooks.

Sometime back, while I'm busy downloading tons of digital scrapbook freebies across the net, I found this term "Project Life", and hey! I love how that sound! Now when I read more about this "Project Life", I'm totally hooked. Oh my, how can I not know about this sooner??

Project Life is a very smart approach to scrapbooking, founded by Becky Higgins. I must say that it's really smart! One scrapbook page is smartly divided into few sections for photos, journals, etc. Now I find it really good as I can record my daily life, have many photos at one page, and all still looks pretty and organized.

Well, of course I modified the Project Life a little bit. Instead of doing it week-by-week (having a spread for 1 week), I decided not to limit myself. So I will just scrap my photos in the Project Life way, but not according to weeks. So for me, 1 week can have more than 1 spread, or no page at all. So it all depends on whether something worth recording happen that week or not. And so far, I just loved it!! And not all of my page would follow Project Life templates. Some special ones would have a scrapbook page by their own.

Here's the page that I've done for April 2012 so far (1 more page pending, and then I'm done with April!). Mostly in Project Life templates (that I made myself, following the real Project Life template. But anyway, they look the same, don't you think?)


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