18 May 2012

Handmade Cards

I think I'm now kinda overloaded with creative juice. Blame it to Made With Love (my LSS here). They're having this moving out sale, and I just wanna see how it was. And I saw the Scrapbooks magazines were on sale for only $5 each (originally is $10++ each). Now I've never bought a scrapbook magazines before, so I thought it would be nice to have one.

... Unfortunately I can't choose ONLY one, but FOUR.. Haha! They're all so nice, how can I choose? :p  Anyway they're heavily discounted so I'm quite happy with my purchase.

So.. The scrapbook magazines have LOADS of real nice cards... And when I saw the cards, I really feel like making one!! So here's the result:

This one is for a boy who's having a 3rd birthday party tomorrow:

And this one is... well, I dunno what is it for yet, actually.. So I printed a general message on the front of the card, so it can be used for any occassion. Isn't this card cute? It can rotate to reveal a hidden message! I got the idea from the "Scrapbooks, etc" magazine of course... Gosh, it's apparently so nice to have a magazine on hand, why didn't I have it earlier? Haha..


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