23 May 2012

Parent Teacher Meeting

I'm just back from my first parent-teacher meeting for Savio!

So when we reach there, we took queue no.. My queue no was 6. I had to wait for quite a while as the teacher (Mrs Ravin) took quite a while to talk to each parent.

And as expected, her feedback was: Savio was so shy and soft-spoken.. He hardly talk, and even if he answers, it will be very soft. Soooo different from Savio at home. She was so surprised when I told her that Savio was jumping and climbing around, and always screaming at home.

She also mentioned that Savio likes to play. So when they ask him to do coloring, he'll do it quick quick so he can quickly finish and go back to play. And that he often fall down while doing activities in the school..... Also he need to practise more on writing...

And when someone snatched toys from him, he will just keep quiet and sit down, doesn't report it to teacher and he doesn't know how to say no... Sigh... I'm thinking how to encourage him to not feel shy and dare to speak up (just like what he always do at home)...


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