10 May 2012

My First Photobook!

A few days back I received a nice surprise..

It was my first ever photobook! Ok it's not actually for me.. I printed it to give to a friend of mine who has just given birth to a sweet baby boy. Well, the plan is for her to paste her baby's photos (month by month), and some notes about that month. So I designed the digital pages and print it as a photobook. I hope it would work out well!

Back to the photobook.. It was NICE.. I'm so happy to see my work gets printed and binded. It feels like... well, it feels like I've been published! LOL..I got it printed at http://www.artscow.com/. I'm sooooo happy that I found this website by chance. They offer free photobooks (and other photo items) for new members, we only need to pay for the shipping. At first I was skeptical about the quality, but once I received the photobook, I must say I'm 100% happy! Heeeee...

Can you imagine when I first sign up with this ArtsCow, I went all crazy with the freebies that they're offering! I felt like I want to order ALL of them! But luckily, my senses stop me. What would I DO with SO many things that I don't actually need?? Haha.. But of course I still order few items from them. So far, what I've ordered from them are:
  • Photobook for a friend who's just given birth
  • Photobook for Caitlyn's 1st Birthday
  • Photobook for our Sentosa Staycation last year
  • A watch (with self-designed face)
  • 2 cosmetic bags (1 for me, and 1 as a birthday present for another friend)
  • 3 scrapbook layouts for display
Oh my, that's quite a long list for a short period of time, yeah?? Well, so far I've only received the first item. I can't wait to see the other items!! I hope they would look nice too.

I will upload photos of my 1st ever photobook later, as it's in my handphone ;)

Ok here it is!


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