18 May 2012

My Photobooks are Here!

Finally! The moment I've been waiting for! My first-ever photobook (that was meant for me) are here! - actually make it two as they arrived almost at the same time.. Only 1 day different!

I ordered them from Artscow, and I must really say that though the price is really cheap, the quality is good! I LOVE THEM!!

The first one is for Caitlyn's First Birthday Party & Celebration.. It's an 8"x8". I think I paid only about $15 SGD for it? Here it is:

Not bad ya? Well, at least I'm quite satisfied with it! The above photobook was designed by me (each and every page of it!

And here's the other one.. it's a 6"x6" photobook, which I only paid about $8 - $10 SGD? So cheap! This is for our last year's "holiday" to Sentosa! Haha.. It's a project that I've been delaying and delaying since I don't have time to do it! I have planned to make a mini album for it, and I have even bought the papers, embellishments and all that. Then I figured that making photobooks would be much easier and MUCH faster. And well, they look pretty nice too :D For this one, I finished it in 1 day (coz I'm using the ready-made template provided by ArtsCow). Wow, can you believe it? 1 day to complete the whole album! If I were to make the traditional scrapbook, it might take me 1 month to complete :p


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