03 September 2011


Yesterday when I brought Vio for a playdate in choa chu kang, when the mrt passed by bukit batok, Vio suddenly shouted excitedly: "Mommy you see! You see! McDonald's house!"

Boy, I was shocked! (there was a quite big McDonalds in bukit batok). Have we brought him too often to eat McDonalds? Hmmm.. No.. We seldom eat McDonalds, and even if we do, I'm pretty sure that I never mention the name McDonalds before.. Did he learn it in school??

And just when the mrt passed by bukit gombak, he shouted again: "McDonald's house!" what?? There was no McD in sight. And after that he said: "Old Macdonalds.." oh!!! I sighed with relief. Apparently what he meant was the buildings roof in bukit batok and bukit gombak area are similar to the ones pictured in old Macdonalds song. Wahaha!


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