24 August 2011

"Lean on Me"

A cute and rather amazing thing: Vio can help us "take care" of mei-mei now! :)

When I asked him to "take care" of Caitlyn for a little while (while she was sitting on her baby chair and I wanna take something for a while), Vio happily agreed to do it. He said "angguguuuu..." to entertain her.. And also passed her some of her teething toys and said to her: "gigit! gigit!" (which means bite in english) haha!

He also happily carrying Caitlyn with care when I want to take photos of them together. Isn't the photo below cute!

Ahem... do you see the headband that Caitlyn was wearing? Isn't it soooooo cute? LOL... Back then when Vio was still a baby, I saw the headband in the internet and I remember thinking: if I have a baby girl, this item is in the top of my must-have list. Hahaa..


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