13 September 2011

Sleeping Time!

I was so happy that Caitlyn wanted to sleep in the baby cot (unlike Vio who refused to sleep in the baby cot). But I guess I was happy too soon.

For the last few days (or is it weeks?) Caitlyn refused to sleep in the baby cot. Once I put her down, within minutes she'll open her eyes, look left and right and left and right again, and then start to cry. But if I put her in my bed, she's ok! Sigh.... Vio and Caitlyn is the same after all.. Just that Caitlyn can sleep in the baby cot for longer period.. Haha..

And talking about sleeping, lately she wakes up reaaaaaallll often at night. Last night, the ones that I remember were: 2:30am, 3:30am, 4am, 4:30am, 5:30am, 6:30am... Arrrggghhh.... And not to mention those that I don't remember.. LOL... Her mouth will be like a fish, rooting for milk. And once I fed her for a little while, she'll fall asleep but not for long.. She'll wake up and do the same again... -_-

Not sure whether is it because she's still hungry?? But when morning came and she roots for milk again and I dun wanna give her, she'll wake up with happy face (full of smile). And when we bring her out, she doesn't look like a hungry baby. She's still full of smile and want to play (not asking for milk). Sigh........ Will the time when she can "sleep through the night" come soon? I hope so! :p


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