12 September 2011

A Bday Celebration ^^

I'm officially in my last year as a 20-something =p

Heard that Vio was the one choosing the birthday cake! As usual, he chose pink color. Seems like he likes pink color (just like his mommy) hahaha...

In the afternoon, we planned to go to the city area, as pi mentioned there's a laser show in Marina Bay (and I never heard of it before!). But I wanted to eat in Asian Kitchen. Somehow I missed their noodles. Haven't eaten that for about 2 years I think.. LOL... So we went to Marina Square as according to internet, there's a branch there.

Sadly....... apparently the Internet wasn't updated... We couldn't find any Asian Kitchen there... So in the end we had Thai Express instead :D

But it's a good thing that we went to Marina Square. Apparently they were having an event for toddlers. There were some free games, and one of them was bowling game with a very big ball. Being a ball fans, Vio was suuuuuuuuper excited to see the game and wanted to play it.

Luckily the queue wasn't too long :p

Next we went to Esplanade, and sit along Singapore river, relaxing and hoping that we can catch the laser show from there. Walking to where the laser show is was way tooooo far....

Just when the show was about to start..... it was drizzling... Dotzzz.... So in the end we didn't watch the show... Hahahaa... Well, there's always next time ;)


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