06 September 2011

An Infection

Our poor little princess is down with an infection on her skin... :(

It started about a week ago when some rashes started to show on her left armpit area. The rashes became bigger and with pus inside. Then some dries up but it was spreading.. More and more rashes can be seen around the area... She didn't look disturbed nor does she look like she wanna scratch around the area. So the good news is that it's not itchy :p

So today I decided to bring her to PD. The PD mentioned that it's a fungus infection. Not dangerous but can spread quite fast. He then gave us some cream and powder to apply. I hope the rashes will be gone soon! ;)

Oh.. yeah... today we weighed her and she's 7kg now! She looks quite chubby ya :D

Eeks.. Why does the pic came up as rotated.. Haha.. nvm... Well this little princess of ours lately are always mesmerized by her fingers and toes... She loves to play with them. Pretty soon she'll be able to suck on her toes! :p

And here's her smile. She really love to smile ;)


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