21 September 2011

I Love You = I Bite You?

It's really heartwarming to see Vio and Caitlyn play together. Though this actually only means making high-pitched sound (kinda similar to screaming) at each other. But they both seems to enjoy it. And Caitlyn seems to really like playing with her big brother.

Caitlyn seems to be a bit scared (but excited) to see what Vio did (most of the time was jumping). Every time Vio made a sudden move, she'll blink her eyes, scared to see what's going to happen next but yet, excited. Haha..

Few days back, when they were playing together happily, suddenly Caitlyn cried very very loud, and we saw her fingers shaking. When I see closer, OMG! There's a bite-mark on her finger! And it was rather deep! Sigh... Vio bite Caitlyn (again). He likes to do it on purpose though we told him not to, many times. Though he loves his mei-mei, I'm wondering why he would purposely bite her... :(


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