24 April 2011

Welcome to the World!

Finally the moment that we've been waiting for is here!

On 11 April 2011, I started feeling something different in my tummy. I was still working from home then. That very night, I couldn't sleep at all as I feel very very mild contraction but i kind of feel that it's regular timing of about 10 mins apart. So the whole night, I was busy timing the contraction, and at the same time thinking "is this the time??". Well, I kind of hoping that it really was it, coz I can't wait to see the baby!

So about 6:30 am the next morning, pi & I decided to go to hospital. Just in case it really was the time.

Sadly, it wasn't. Sigh.. When the gynae check, the cervix opening was only 1 cm. And the contraction was too mild. So.. It was a false alarm. She asked whether I want to be admitted to the ward and see whether there's an improvement or to wait at home. I chose the 2nd option.

Well, I'm glad that I chose the 2nd option, because we spent the next few days waiting and waiting and waiting.. But it seems like the baby was just too comfortable inside and refuse to come out..

And then early morning on 16 April 2011, I notice some colorless discharge and wondering whether the water bag has leaked?? Hmm.. I suppose I really can't wait too see the baby so that every slightest labor symptom will look real to me.. Lol..

Luckily we have appointment to see the gynae on that day. So we just come to see her earlier, complete with the hospital bag. And you know what? She said most likely the water bag has not leaked coz there's still so much water inside. Sigh sigh.. Another false alarm?? She provided an option for me to be induced. Anyway it was only 2 days before the due date. And after the due date, I'll be induced anyway. So doesn't make much of a difference yeah? With that thinking in mind, and tired of the waiting game, we agreed to be admitted that day and be induced.

Around 12 pm I was admitted to the labor ward. According to the gynae, it'll be around 3-4 hours. Learning from the previous experience, I asked for epidural from the start. When the anesthetic learn that the cervix opening was only 1.5 cm, he was rather skeptical that 3-4 hours will be enough. Thankfully, unlike last time where the epidural only worked on the right side, this time round I almost don't feel anything on both side. The epidural was working well!

About 4 pm, the gynae came and check the opening again, this time it was 3-4 cm. Oh no! I was rather hopeless, coz that means that still have few more hours to go?? But about 10 mins after the gynae went out, i kind of feel a pressure below my tummy. When the nurse checked, it was already 9 cm! Wow that's fast! I can start pushing soon!

The pushing part wasn't so easy for me. I pushed and pushed for 1 hour but the baby wasn't out yet. Finally the nurse call the gynae in, since I've pushed for more than 1 hour. Somehow when the gynae was there, I feel more energized and finally finally finally the baby was out! Without assistance!


Introducing the latest addition to our family:
Name: Caitlyn Sidharta
Date of birth: 16 April 2011
Time: 17:20 pm
Weight: 2.85 kg
Height: 49 cm
Head circumference: 33 cm



Surprisingly, unlike other babies, Caitlyn cried for a very short while after birth. After that she was quiet! Including when the nurse was measuring her height and weight. So we were hoping that she's not a cry baby,unfortunately, this wish doesn't come true.. Lol..

Here's a photo of her on the first day at home. Freshly arrived from hospital.



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