04 April 2011

A Surprise from Vio

Yesterday Vio gave us a pleasant surprise.

As usual, we were sitting down in the living room after dinner, just hanging around and playing with Vio. Then pi said: "Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is Mooonn.... ?" (with question tone, though we didn't expect Vio to answer that since we never really teach him about days in a week).

Then Vio said: "... day." 

But wait! That's not all! He continued and saying "Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday..." And Wah! That really left pi & me stunned for a moment. He knows days of the week! And he can sing it too in a song using tunes of "Brother John". Wah wah wah we were really surprised. When we asked him where did he learn that, he said "school".  Oh well, so at least he really did learn something in school. LOL!


reffine said...

smart boy! well done Vio :)

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