11 April 2011

Talking in Sentences

I have to say that we're quite proud with Vio's ability to talk. I feel that he's quite a good talker for his age. He can talk in quite full sentences now. Well, simple ones of course.. Something like: "Mommy, I want the orange basketball"... And somehow, he really likes to use the word "the".. Though sometimes it's not really correct.. like when he said "Where's the daddy?"  But anyway, it's quite a good progress, yeah?

The other day, we were drawing with his magnetic drawing board. Then he asked me to draw a basketball ring (his fave, of course!)... then I drew it quite small... and you know what he said? He said: "Mommy, it's too small, cannot see. Draw big one can see!"  A bit singlish I know.. but still quite amazing, hor? ;)


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