11 May 2011

Savio: On Becoming A Koko

One of the thing that we worried most before the baby come was how will Vio react to it? Of course we've told him countless time that his baby sister (mei mei) will come out soon and that he can help us take care of her. And he seemed to be quite ok about it. But hey, we'll never know how much a toddler actually understand, right?

First time meeting Caitlyn in hospital, Vio seemed quite happy. He even posed with his smile happily to the camera. But we don't know whether he actually know that we'll bring the baby home? Lol..


First day we brought Caitlyn home, Vio almost cried when we want to use his rubber changing mat (that he hasn't used for months) for the new baby. He kept saying "it's vio's one.." with teary eyes. Luckily in the end he let Caitlyn use the changing mat.

He also seemed unhappy to see mommy carry baby.. And he said: "don't want baby.. Baby go out.." wah wah so sad to hear that..

There's also a change in Vio.. He'll now cry super loudly if he doesn't get what he wants.. Every little thing can make him cry.. And somehow he also like to scream more, including in play time. He became much more of attention seeker? Well I guess that's normal, coz before this, he was the center of attention, and now he need to share the attention with his new sister.

Vio also became more and more sticky to mommy. He'll cry loudly if he see mommy carry baby.. He'll say "mommy don't want carry baby! Mbak/nai2, carry baby donggg.." or he'll ask me to put the baby down in the bed so I can play with him. There are also times when he doesn't let other people feed him or change him, only mommy can do that. Well, in a way I'm quite happy but sometimes it can be rather troublesome :p

Other than that, Vio actually adapt rather well. Sometimes he'll ask us whether he can carry baby too.. And he'll also happily kiss his baby sister when we ask him to.

I hope when Caitlyn is bigger, Vio and caitlyn can play well together!

[caption id="attachment_2139" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Carrying "Mei Mei" for the first time"]Carrying "Mei Mei" for the first time[/caption]


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