06 April 2011

Full Term!

The waiting game has now begun. The baby can officially decide to come out anytime now =)

I got pi to take side photo of me... Wah it seems like my tummy is not big at all ya... Even my colleagues who's due more than 1 month after me, have bigger tummy :(  I wonder why... Though I've eaten lots of "junk" food that I like (such as cakes, cheese, and other fattening things), but it seems like my tummy is not growing that much.. In the last scan, the baby weighs 2.7kg. I hope by the time she's born, she'll weigh closer to 3kg!

[caption id="attachment_2111" align="aligncenter" width="146" caption="@ 37 Weeks"]@ 37 Weeks[/caption]

Unlike the previous pregnancy, this time round I have quite bad pain in my upper thigh whenever I move or walk :(  So even going from bedroom to living room is a chore for me. Not to mention going to work, which is very far faaaaaaarrr away and require lots of walking.

So today, I asked my boss whether I can start my maternity leave from tomorrow (2 working days earlier than planned).. then after further discussion, he suggested why not I work from home and start the maternity leave only after I deliver? (He knows that I got no much things to do now, I only need to test something this coming Monday and maybe helps to answer colleague's queries and that's about it). He actually said that he didn't care what I do at home, as long as I'm contactable (to answer the colleague's queries) and do the testing on Monday, then considered as working liao.. wow.. Isn't he so NICE?? Feel so touched to have a boss that's so thoughtful.. :)

So.. yayyy.. tomorrow onwards I don't need to drag my legs to office liao... :D


Wie said...

Makan daging na susu yg banyak..na..

schooloffun said...

So exciting... the baby is coming soon ;)
Pray for a smooth delivery!
Till then, take care... ;)

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