01 April 2011

Vio's First Good Friend

As have been mentioned in the last post about his school days, Vio's good friend at the moment is still a Malay girl called Neyla. (which Vio sometimes refer to as Dola). I'm not sure why he likes to call her Dola??

Heard something cute happened yesterday... After school, as usual Neyla was fetched by a car. When the car door is already closed and about to move, Vio insisted that Neyla open the car door (don't wanna let the car go.. something like that).. and you know what happened next? He gave her FLYING KISS! Wa.. so sweeeet.... Vio must have liked this gal a lot :p


Wie said...

It seems still yesterday..i feel he was a baby..hahaha..now he can give a girl a flying kiss..hahaha..=p

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