23 October 2009

Who's the Smart boy?

.. Of course it's Savio! Kekekeke... He's getting smarter each day... His fav activity now is to throw things (balls, etc) around and crawl for it, throw again and crawl towards it again... Now if the balls happen to "stuck" under his highchair, for example, he can't reach the ball coz he's too big to go under the highchair.. now.. what will he do?

The smart boy will see whether he can reach the ball (using his hands) from other sides of the high chair or not. If can, he'll crawl towards that other side and get the ball from there. Otherwise, he'll push the highchair away so that he can take his ball and throw it again!

*Clap clap clap..* now that's my boy! So proud of him!


wie said...

Wah he is getting smarter...

by the way..i'm wondering is there any new word from him..beside tatatata.. n nay2..is the mommy word has already come out yet?

ourlittleblessing said...

hehee.. "mamama" word came before "nanana".. and now he can say "de-di" =D

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