01 October 2009

The First Cold

There's always the first time for everything, and for Vio, yesterday was the first time he caught a sickness - he's having flu now. He has a runny nose and slight cough. No wonder the night before he kept crying while sleeping!

So yesterday pi & I brought him to the PD, and the queue was quite long.. After about 1/2 hour waiting, finally we can see the PD! When he saw Vio, he said "so coming to 2 years already ya?". Pi & I were like "huh?" then after he saw the record, he said "Oh, it's 9 months now. Coz his size is like 2 years old" hahahaha.. yeah Vio is tall.. Have I told you that he was 9.95kg yesterday? The height can't be measured liao, coz he's way too tall for the baby height measurement..

Last night Vio was so cute, when the PD wanted to check on him, he kept peeking at him & cry, peeking at him & cry.. He's so shy with strangers nowadays.. Anyway, the PD said it's just a common flu, nothing serious. So we got some medicine for Vio to drink and also some nose drops to ease the congestion. So last night, Vio also can't sleep well, he often toss around as his nose was still uncomfortable and quite blocked..

Yawn... I'm soooooooo sleepy today..


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