28 October 2009

2nd sickness..

Aiks! Why is it so fast he got his 2nd flu bug..

On Fri night, when I got home, Vio was already asleep.. When I touch him I felt his body temperature was a bit higher than normal.. And true enough, that night he was soooo cranky and he got a bit of fever! Or actually, almost a fever, as the temperature was just nice: 37.5 C. So we gave him the fever medicine, and the fever went down.

For the whole of Saturday, he was soo not-energetic.. Not as lively.. He looks so tired and keep wanting to go to sleep. Even when he's crawling, it's like so slow.. Luckily, on Sunday he was almost back to his normal self, even though his body temperature is a bit warm.. But on Sunday in the middle of the night, his body temperature was back to 37.3C.. So pi and I decided to take leave the next day to accompany him and to bring him to doc..

And guess what? After returning from the doc, he was as healthy as normal! No more "warm", no more tired.. lol.. maybe the cure was to go out of the house? lol.. He was so happy that we brought him out.. Well, I'm glad that he's back to normal now! The doc said that it's a normal flu virus... oh-oh.. I hope he's not getting it from me :">

Ah... on Monday afternoon, pi & I were going to Jurong Point to buy some stuff. Vio knew that we're going to go, and he was holding on to pi tight tight, not wanting to let go, coz he wants to go with us too. When nai2 tries to take him from pi, he cried out "da-dy da-dy" and hold on to him even tighter.. Oh yeah.. daddy was veeeeery happy!


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