07 October 2009

Sad sad..

Last night.. for the first time ever.. Savio don't want to be carried by mommy... He wanted to stick to Nai2 even though mommy just finish changing after reaching home from work.. He even cried when I'm still taking him to carry him... I felt very very very very very very very sad... He would normally ask me to carry him whenever he sees me, no matter who is carrying him... Maybe... he sees me too rare? As in.. the time I spent with him on weekdays is very little.. Few mins before I go to work in the morning, and then I reach home at 7:15pm and Vio sleeps at 8:30 - 9 pm.. And in between I still need to bathe and have my dinner first..

But this morning, it was the other way round. Vio don't want to be carried by Nai2, when Nai2 wanted to carry him so I can take shower to go to work, Vio clutches on me hard hard, not wanting to let go.. Well, at least that makes me a bit happier ^^


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