27 August 2009

Latest Updates on Vio!

Now I just started to read  Glenn Doman's book: How to Multiply Your Child's Intelligence, or something like that.. Hmmm do I hear anyone asking "How do you find time to read the book?"  Yeah well.. I read it in office of course! Haha! *Uhm not a good employee hor?* :p

So far I found the book to be quite good, and I'm planning to follow his method to flash cards so Vio can learn reading, math, and encyclopedic too. I've heard successful stories from Alicia, who has used this method too. I heard it's a lot of work and time, but I hope I can do this so Vio will benefit from it in the long run =) And also I wanna DIY the cards myself, can't buy from GDbaby directly lah, tooo exp.. :D

On a side note, some latest updates on Vio now:

  • Getting stronger and more willpower! Can ask the carrier (as in, the person who's carrying him) to go to someplace, by using his hand to "row" and push the person to that direction.. clever hor?

  • Legs stronger now, can stand (with someone holding him of course)

Standing by the Window
Standing by the Window

  • Shuts mouth tight if don't want to eat!

[caption id="attachment_247" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="No no.. I'm not going to open my mouth!"]No no.. I'm not going to open my mouth![/caption]

  • Loves to laugh, especially last night. He kept laughing when I put a pillow on his head! But after sometime, he knew how to drop the pillow from the head. Once the pillow is on his head, he'll tilt it until it drop.

[caption id="attachment_249" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hahahaa.."]Hahahaa..[/caption]


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