17 August 2009

Genting Trip

We're just back from a nice short holiday to Genting Highlands! The package itself is quite cheap as they're having buy 1 night free 1 night promo.. It was only $83 for the transport and 2 nights stay! How good is that! :D We didn't bring Vio along.. Just can't imagine how we can survive 6 hours ride on the bus with a crying-and-bored baby.. kekekekek.. And also Vio is still too small to bring around..

The Journey

We "checked in" at Boon Lay market at 9pm. The bus was supposed to go at 9:30pm. After checking in, we sat at the Five Star office there, browsing thru their brochures and exchanging photos in our handphone. Since there were still a lot of ppl sitting in the office waiting (and we thought they're in the same bus), we were kinda "waiting" for them to move.. At 9:20pm, my handphone rings, a call from an unknown number. When I picked up, the person say "Hi, can I speak to Erna? This is from Five Stars Tour.." I was kinda confused at first, I stare at the caller, and she stared back at me, then after 2 seconds we realize we're talking to each other on the phone! She said ( with a bit upset tone )  that our bus is already there waiting! Aiyo.. so paiseh!! Apparently we're the last passenger to board the bus! And all those ppl waiting in the office are not going to Genting! haha..

Getting on the bus.. it's a.. WOW! the bus was so nice! The seat was so spacious.. it really was spacious until my feet can't reach the leg rest! It was too long for me (and just nice for pi). And the seat got a massage function.. can u imagine? A massage chair on the bus! We really looked like 2 kampong ppl boarding a nice bus for the first time.. haha.. We were wondering whether we got upgraded or not... since the bus was really nice.. Apparently, "nice" seat doesn't mean that we can sleep.. We can't really sleep that night. I think it's because the seat is not fluffy enough, and also bcoz the bus keeps stopping for toilet breaks. Almost every hour i think!

Genting Highland

We reached Genting at close to 4am. The weather was cooooold and nice. Since we can't check in until 12pm, we kept the luggage in the hotel, and walked round. Sadly, not much shop opens! Only some food shops were opened, so we had KFC as the first meal there. I had Twister (which was surprisingly really nice!) and pi had 2 piece chicken meal. After that we went round and round in First World Plaza, and finally found our way to the Casino de Genting, which was 1 of the biggest casino in the world. It was reaaaaaally BIG.. there are many different sections inside, and we can get lost inside it.. hahahaa..

Back to the casino, we tried our luck there with 1 of the machine, and we were actually quite lucky! We can turn 10RM into 17RM+ haha.. 70% profit! But the next 2 try, we lost RM10 each.. haiz.. Guess lady luck was not on our side overall :p

Have I mentioned that we felt like "flying" bcoz we were lack of sleep? And sadly no place for us to sleep.. so we just need to keep our eyes open until 12pm! At 7:30am, we rode the first skyway to Chin Swee temple.. we were really their first customer.. Chin Swee temple was just beautiful! The scenery was great and the weather was coooooooold..

[caption id="attachment_219" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Chin Swee temple"]Chin Swee temple[/caption]

We took many many photos here, but of course can't showcase all here.. you'll go nuts looking thru them! wahaha.. After we go round chin swee temple area, we went back to where we started, and have 2nd round of breakfast at Penang Food Village resto, which was located near the Theme Park hotel. The food was not bad.. I have assam laksa, while pi had penang fried kway teow. After we finished eating, it was just time the outdoor theme park open!

We played quite a lot of games in the outdoor theme park. Begin with the Boat thing (I forgot the name). It was the one where we need to ride ourselves and use our feet to make the boat go (just like cycling). It was actually quite tiring.. heheee.. and that's coz I seldom do exercise lah... After that we took the Go Kart (love it! but the road was too rough), Super Toboggan (this one is fun. 1 car can only contain 1 person, and it will follow a path in a quite high speed). The max weight of a person to take it was 65kg! Lucky pi was slim, so he can still take it.. hahahaa.. We also took the Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Antique Car, Bumper Boat (this is our fav!) 

[caption id="attachment_220" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Bumper Boat"]Bumper Boat[/caption]

By the time we finished playing, we were kinda wet due to the Bumper Boat, and luckily it was 12pm! Time for check-in! Finally we can have a nice shower and a few hours nap! Zzzz...

Refreshed after a good nap, we went to Ripley's Believe it or not! It was really good and recommended.. lots of interesting things inside.

[caption id="attachment_221" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Arrgghh.. it's falling!"]Arrgghh.. it's falling![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_222" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Wow.. u're so TALL.."]Wow.. u're so TALL..[/caption]

And after done.. we watched GI Joe for only 11RM/person! That's half price of SG.. haha.. That's the end of our day 1. Phew.. isn't it long?? We have finished all that we wanna do in Genting in 1 day!

"Adventure" to KL

We've finished Genting attractions in 1 day! That's fast.. Didn't expect it to finish so fast.. So we dedicated the 2nd day as SHOPPING day..  but the price of things in Genting was like.. WOW.. so ex! Some even more exp than SG.. soooo.. we decided to go to KL!  Since we didn't plan for it before, we didn't know how to go there and where should we go to. So I asked my colleague (Annie - thank u so much!) on where we should go and how to go there.

We took Genting Skyway (which is much nicer than Awana skyway) - and it's the fastest and longest skyway -> do you know that? haha.. We were inside for about 15 mins.. here's a snapshot of it..

[caption id="attachment_223" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Inside Genting Skyway"]Inside Genting Skyway[/caption]

After getting down the skyway, we took a bus (1 hour journey) to KL Sentral. From there, we took monorail to Sungei Wang plaza to shop there, and also shop in Berjaya Times Square. I think I like Berjaya Times Square more. The things are nice and not so exp, and the place is nice to shop too! Next visit to KL, I want to shop there again! =p

It was quite a day in KL, with all the walking. We were soooo tired when we reached Genting, so can only go to the... casino again! hahahaa.. and this time.. luck was not on our side too.. even though got 1 time we can make 10RM into 30RM, but we didn't "encash" it.. now it's all gone gone gone.. *sigh* should have encash it first! hahaa..

The Room

We stayed at First World Hotel, the cheapest hotel there =p  The room is quite small, and the TV is... 14 inch!! OMG.. I've not seen a 14 inch tv for very long liao.. wahahaha.. and also.. there's no wardrobe in the room.. but well... the price is good..

[caption id="attachment_226" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Where's the Wardrobe?"]Where's the Wardrobe?[/caption]

 And on the final day, nothing much we can do except to have breakfast and photo session..

[caption id="attachment_227" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="First World Plaza"]First World Plaza[/caption]

The bus on the way back... it's a very different bus! The seat was quite cramp and of course, no massage function! Very much less than what we expected, but I think it might be the bus we are supposed to take on the first day? But anyway, we were quite tired that we can actually sleep on the cramp bus! =)


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Thank god, both you didn't get lost in KL.
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