09 July 2009

Congrats to Pi!!

First of all..  I wanna say.. congrats to pi for passing the exam with GOOD results!! Got distinction somemore.. kekekekek... so proud of him.. can get such a good result with new baby around.. So this confirms that pi'll continue the course for another year for getting a master's degree.. yay.. clap clap clap..

Today I have a wonderful lunch time! Went to MWL with Yeniffer and Toge and some other forumers from SingaporeMotherhood.. It was very rush.. I only had sandwich for lunch (at office), otherwise no time for lunch.. hehehee.. today got 40% off all items if we have the "luggage" card! I only bought 3 small things, no time to choose! And the good news is... 1 of my items was not scanned!! YAY.. so it's FREE... kekekekekk.. so happy! and another good news is....... the person forgot to stamp on the card... so we can still use it another time (for 40% off).. HAHA..


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